• Annual Reassessments Are Required By Prop 8, Are Assessors Ignoring The Law?

    Proposition 8 (“Prop. 8”) requires California County Assessors to tax property based upon the lower of the base year value or the current market value of the property. The "base year value" is what the County Tax Assessor calls the property's purchase price. Property taxes typically only increase 2% per year over the base year value, but when a property’s value drops below the base year value, Prop 8. allows for temporary property tax reductions due to the lower value. 

  • Easy On Easements

    One of the most common types of real estate cases we litigate are easement disputes. Since easements usually involve one's personal residence or investment property, such disputes may be deeply emotional and expensive.

    What is an easement?  Quite simply, an easement is the right to use another's land for a limited purpose. Commonly, neighbors are granted easements for uses, such as, driveways, fences, hedges, scenic views, and utilities. Most easements are recorded and appear on your property's title report, which is generated during a purchase and escrow.  Since it is a contractual obligation, one risk of having an easement on title is you could become a party in a future lawsuit if a dispute arises.

  • Real Estate Co-Ownership Agreements

    With the high price of real estate, we increasingly see arrangements between parents and children, unmarried couples, or friends who pool money to buy residential property. Owners often do not understand their rights and responsibilities. This article is intended to educate potential co-owners by asking questions that affect their relationship.

    A written co-ownership agreement maximizes the odds of a successful relationship. It does so in two ways. First, it documents the parties’ understanding. The best time to decide what each person gives and receives, and when, is before any disagreements arise. Secondly, creating the agreement means that the parties must think about and resolve issues they otherwise might not consider. Resolution is much easier before we have a stake in the outcome.

  • RS&C Contributes To The Revitalization of Ventura

    Rogers, Sheffield & Campbell, LLP (RS&C) recently assisted a client in the City of Ventura gain approval from the Ventura City Council for an entitlement project on a six acre site which included a change in zoning from industrial to mixed use, 125 condominiums, 7,300 SF of commercial, a publicly accessible park, and two new public streets. We are thankful for the opportunity to contribute to community development projects like this. 

  • Smart Landlords Use Screening Criteria to Combat Discrimination Lawsuits

    In today’s online social media era, it is especially easy for professional litigants and scam artists to harvest useful content, masquerade as prospective tenants and victimize the landlord like targeted prey.  That is why it is absolutely essential landlords utilize a systemized approach to reduce the likelihood of selecting the scheming tenant who, inevitably, will be armed with powerful knowledge that fair housing laws are slanted heavily against property owners.  Such information, when combined with unwitting landlord missteps, may be leveraged into lucrative settlements.  Don’t be fooled.  Discrimination lawsuits are not confined to San Francisco, Berkley and Santa Monica.  If they have not emerged in your town, they will soon.

  • Travis Logue Elected to Santa Barbara County Bar Association Board of Directors

    Rogers, Sheffield and Campbell, LLP is pleased to announce that Travis Logue, a partner of the firm, has been elected to the Santa Barbara County Bar Association’s Board of Directors. Travis is a member of the State Bar of California and the District of Columbia Bar, and is a licensed California real estate broker.

  • Travis Logue Selected As Trustee For The Santa Barbara Club Preservation Foundation

    Travis C. Logue was recently selected to serve as Trustee of the Santa Barbara Club Preservation Foundation, a nonprofit public benefit corporation engaged in charitable and educational activities.

  • Travis Logue Selected to the 2016 California Super Lawyers List

    Rogers, Sheffield & Campbell, LLP is pleased to announce that Travis C. Logue has been selected by Super Lawyers to the 2016 Southern California Rising Stars list. Mr. Logue was also named to the list in 2015.
    Each year, no more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the state are selected by the research team at Super Lawyers to receive this honor.

  • Travis Logue Speaking at the Fundamentals of Landlord-Tenant Law Seminar Lawsuits

    TRAVIS C. LOGUE, a partner of Rogers, Sheffield & Campbell, LLP, is a featured speaker at the 11th annual Santa Barbara "Fundamentals of Landlord-Tenant Law" seminar put on by Sterling Education Services, Inc. Travis is a member of the State Bar of
    California and the District of Columbia Bar, and is a licensed California real estate broker. He routinely represents landlords as well as buyers and sellers of office buildings, shopping centers, large vineyards and luxury residential properties. For Travis' complete biography, browse to his attorney profile.

    Sterling Education Services provides in-community seminars on timely topics relevant to professionals, educators, businesses and more. Mr. Logue will be will be presenting on tenant screening.

  • Yes, Contractors Do Need Licenses... But Be Careful What You Allege In Pleadings

    Most California construction attorneys know, or should know, that you need to “prove” you’re a licensed contractor in a construction case.

    And, by “prove,” that means more than simply alleging in a pleading that you are a licensed contractor (that’s an allegation not proof) and it also means more than simply signing a declaration or testifying in court that you are a licensed contractor (while that is proof, it’s insufficient proof under the law).

    What you need is a verified certificate of licensure issued by the California Contractor State License Board (“CSLB”). And if you don’t have one during trial, you’re out of luck, . . . until now.

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